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Terms and Conditions

S.C. Moto Travel S.R.L.

Contracting Parties

S.C. Moto Travel s.r.l., address Bucharest, Romania; J40/6317/2017, CUI RO37183527; Tourism Licence no 8001 from 29.06.2018, operates under the name of Romania Motorcycle Tours (herein after referred to as “RMT”). These Terms and Conditions (T&C’s) apply to all business activities between RMT and their customers (herein after referred to as “the customer”).

Our agents and guides do of course act for and represent “RMT”, but they are not party to any contract between “RMT” and “the customer”, and cannot be held responsible in the event that changes or substitutions are made to the itinerary of the tour, or indeed for any cancellation of part of the tour.

We recommend that “the customer” reads these Terms and Conditions carefully. If anything is unclear, please discuss it with “RMT” before signing a reservation form.

Reservation, deposit and balance payments

A reservation will only be confirmed on receipt of a completed reservation form, after which point both “RMT” and “the customer” are deemed to have accepted and agreed to be bound by these T&C’s. For group bookings, a reservation form must be provided by each participant.

At the time of confirmation, a deposit of 30% of the total cost of the tour or rental is payable by “the customer” to “RMT”. Deposits can be made by bank transfer, or through the online provider “www.mobilpay.ro” using a credit or debit card. A link to do this will provided by “RMT” by email on receipt of a completed reservation form.

For individual customers, or groups less than five, the balance owing must be paid to “RMT” by “the customer” 60 days before the start of the tour or rental.

For groups of five or more, the balance owing must be paid to “RMT” by “the customer” 90 days before the start of the tour or rental.

For reservations made less than 60 days before the start of the tour or rental, the full payment must be made to “RMT” by “the customer”.

Guided tours

“RMT” offer guided tours for five riders or more. For these tours, a support vehicle will also be provided by “RMT”, which will transport riders’ luggage to the next hotel each day. Occasionally we have requests to accept non-riding participants on the tours. We can accept a maximum of three non-riders per tour.

If the support vehicle is unexpectedly not available for a guided tour, additional panniers will be provided for riders to transport their own luggage on the motorcycle, and if customers have booked a non-rider place, “RMT” will provide a full refund.

If a guided tour does not have the minimum number of riders (five riders), there are two options offered by “RMT”
1. Guided tour with no support vehicle
2. Self-guided tour

“RMT” will do everything possible to ensure the tour is not cancelled.

Self-guided tours

“RMT” also offer self-guided tours, for any number of riders, from 1 upwards. “RMT” will arrange all hotel bookings, and will provide GPS navigation equipment, with pre-programmed routes, and highlights. “RMT” will provide back-up assistance 24/7.
Obviously, self-guided tours do not include a guide or a support vehicle.

Custom Tours

“RMT” also offer guided and self-guided custom tours. If this is of interest to you please contact us to discuss.

Motorcycle rentals

“RMT” also provide motorcycle rentals. The same insurance excesses apply to rental only contracts.


No one likes to cancel a holiday they have booked, but we all know that from time to time things happen and cancellations can’t be avoided.

If “the customer” decides to cancel a confirmed reservation, the following conditions will apply:

  • Free Cancellation: You can cancel your booking without any charges if you do so at least 60 days before the tour starts.
  • Partial Refund: If you cancel your booking up to 30 days before the tour begins, we will refund 50% of your advance payment.
  • Non-Refundable: Please be aware that if you cancel within 30 days of the tour start date, the advance payment is non-refundable.

We recommend considering travel insurance to cover any unforeseen circumstances that may lead to cancellation.

In case of self guided or guided tours cancellation by the client, no matter of dates,  RMT can decide to keep the advance payment if RMT has paid further invoices for booking the hotels for the respective tours. In any case, RMT can transfer the booking for the following year.

If, due to circumstances beyond its control, “RMT” is forced to cancel or amend the provisions of the tour or rental, the following will apply:

If a tour is cancelled by “RMT”, a full refund will be provided to “the customer”. Alternatively, “the customer” can re-book their place on another available tour.

If the support vehicle is not available for a guided tour, additional panniers will be provided for riders to transport their own luggage on the motorcycle. If customers have booked a non-rider place, “RMT” will provide a full refund.

If a guided tour does not have the minimum number of riders required (five riders), the tour will be offered as a self-guided, motorcycle rental only tour. If “the customer” does not want to take part in a self-guided tour, then “RMT” will refund the full amount which has been paid by “the customer” at that point.

In all of these situations, “RMT” will not refund any additional costs incurred by “the customer”, for example flight costs.

“RMT” strongly recommends that “the customer” takes out appropriate travel insurance cover.

Force Majeure clause:

1.The force majeure exonerates the parties involved from any liability or obligations when a majeure event or circumstance beyond the control of the parties prevents one or both parties from fulfilling their obligations under the present contract, provided that the event or circumstance is notified in 10 days after its occurrence.

2. If in 10 days after the occurrence, the event or circumstance is still present, the parties are entitled to void the contract without claiming or damages.

3. During the force majeure the contract is suspended but can be continued once the force majeure has stopped. If the terms of the contract can not be fulfilled or if the value of the services alters due to the Force Majeure, the parties will conclude an Additional appendage to the present contract, written and signed, renegotiating the terms of the contract.

Tour itinerary alterations

“RMT” and our guides do their absolute best to ensure that your tour goes smoothly, and we try to make sure the tour covers all of the expected highlights. We can’t however control the weather, and so far have had no luck trying to control local authorities.

Many of our tours will cross very high mountain passes, and even in summer there can be freak days when heavy snow falls at the top. In these cases, the guides will assess the situation and make a decision on whether it would be safe to continue on that road. If the conditions appear to be too severe, the guides will select an alternate route.

Local authorities close roads occasionally for maintenance. Again, the guides will decide on alternate routes.

“RMT” reserves the right to amend or cancel any part of the tour because of these reasons, and note that “RMT” does not offer any compensation for alterations to the itinerary that are beyond its control.

Road Guides

“RMT” offers road description of specific passes or any other highlights chosen by RMT. The road description includes a detailed description of the specific road including GPX files (if there is the case) and useful information such as highlights, addresses, etc. Everything is incorporated in a pdf file and it is send by email once we receive the payment. 


“RMT” offers various models of motorcycle for use on its guided and self-guided tours. Whilst every effort will be made to provide “the customer” with the motorcycle of their choice, “RMT” reserves the right to substitute the motorcycle booked for another model if circumstances dictate. Where “RMT” substitutes with a cheaper model, “RMT” will refund the difference due to “the customer”.
If a motorcycle provided develops a fault during a tour, “RMT” will make every effort to provide a replacement motorcycle, but unfortunately this cannot be guaranteed.


“RMT” supplies all motorcycles with a full fuel tank, and “the customer” is required to return the motorcycle with a full fuel tank. Please note that fuel is not included in the cost of the packages we offer.


All of “RMT’s” motorcycles are covered by fully comprehensive insurance policies. Each of the policies carries an excess. For smaller bikes the excess is €800, for larger bikes it’s €1,000.

The excess covers the following:

  • Damage to the motorcycle or any of its accessories
  • Theft of the motorcycle or any of its accessories
  • Loss of the motorcycle keys

“RMT” understands that in some countries it is possible to purchase “insure the excess” policies, which “the customer” can consider taking out at their own expense.

“RMT” will take a security deposit from “the customer”, for each motorcycle, for the appropriate excess amount, at the start of the tour. Please ensure you have a credit card with you to enable this to be done. Note that debit cards are not acceptable. Alternatively a cash deposit of the excess amount would be acceptable. If the motorcycle is returned undamaged, the deposits will be refunded in full.

Licensing and rider abilities

All riders will be required to provide a valid driving licence, showing their entitlement to ride motorcycles. Failure to provide a valid licence at the start of tour will mean that the rider will not be able to join the tour until the licence can be provided. “RMT” will not cover any expenses involved in such situations.

Where “RMT” or one of its guides or representatives becomes aware of a rider whose abilities or riding style are not considered to be safe, or indeed dangerous to themselves or other road users, “RMT” will discuss this with the rider concerned. If no improvement is observed, then “RMT” reserves the right to prevent the rider taking any further part in the tour. Any costs involved with recovery of the motorcycle will be paid by “the customer”.

Riding in a different county can be very interesting. Our guides will give briefings at the start of the tour, and either in the evening or at breakfast each day. They will advise the riders of what to expect on the next phase of the tour. This will cover the route, the type and quality of the roads, and anything else to watch out for. In Romania for example, it’s very common to see horse drawn carts on country (and sometimes even main) roads. Riders accept full responsibility for their own safety, and “RMT” are not liable to compensate “the customer” for any claim which arises from either poor rider abilities or failure of “the customer” to heed any warnings given by the guides.


“RMT” will arrange all of the accommodation for guided and self guided tours. Accommodation ranges from 3 stars to 5 star hotels.

In our 12 years experience we have identified the best range of hotels in our network. Hotels are selected to ensure the best experience for our customers. Most of the hotels are located in the town centres, short walk from the main sightseeing attractions. Some of the hotels offer spa and swimming pool. Most of them offer free wi fi.

Where possible “RMT” will try to fulfil all requests from “the customer”. If a single traveller has requested a shared room, “RMT” will try to accommodate this. If, due to numbers, “RMT” is unable to provide a shared room, a single room will be provided. Any additional costs involved in this case will be borne by “the customer”


We found that during our guided tours it is better to take the hassle of handling the price and different currency away from the customer, and let RMT handle it. This is why we decided to include all the meals in the tour price. How we do that? In order to have a smooth process, RMT will select 3 to 5 different dishes and make a proposal to the group. Each rider will have to choose one of the dishes proposed by the guide. Tips and alcohol are not included.

Personal and dietary requirements

“RMT” will try to accommodate all personal requirements for “the customer”. Not all requests can be guaranteed however, and “RMT” is not responsible if these requests cannot be accommodated.

Please advise in advance if there are any special dietary requirements.

Traffic violations

“The customer” is responsible for all costs incurred relating to traffic violations. If a violation comes to light after the tour has completed, “RMT” will contact “the customer” to resolve the issue. An extra administration charge of €50 will apply to such cases.

Our guides will discuss speed limits and traffic regulations with all riders. All riders should ensure they are clear about the regulations. “RMT” will not be responsible for any misunderstanding on the part of “the customer”.

Travel documents and Visas

“The customer” is responsible for ensuring that all necessary documents and visas are in their possession prior to travel. If for any reason “the customer” is unable to join the tour because of missing documents or visas, “RMT” will not be held responsible.

Disputes, complaints, and claims

“RMT” will do its best to resolve any issues which occur during tours. “The customer” is requested to advice the tour guides as soon as possible in the event that they are unhappy with any aspect of the tour.

Any disputes that arise after the tour has completed must be notified in writing to “RMT”. Notice of any disputes must be received by “RMT” within 30 days of the completion of the tour. Beyond this time “RMT” will not consider any dispute to be valid. In the event that a dispute involves legal representation, the laws of Romania will prevail.

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