Transaplina, The Diamond of the Carpathian Mountains

Nominated by the tourists as “The Diamond of the Carpathian Mountains”, Transalpina pass is the highest road of the Carpathian Mountains, reaching 2145 m in Pasul Urdele. Having a total length of 145 km of curves ,Transalpina road is one of the most spectacular pass in Romania.77

Transalpina Road was built under King Carol II, that’s why it is also called by the locals “ The King’s Road”. It was opened in 1938, when King Carol II visited it, together with his family. It was rebuilt during World War II by German troops, because they needed a road for military purposes, but remained inaccessible for most normal drivers and vehicles until only a few years ago.

It became faster an important tourist attraction in Romania, being visited by a huge number ofn107 tourists every year. Being surrounded by mountains, riding or driving this road, can be a hardto forget experience for everyone.

During visiting Transalpina, you should also visit Polovragi Monastery. Built almost 500 years ago, this monastery is one of the most important religious and artistic monuments.

Also you should not miss Pestera Muierii( The woman’s cave) the place where women and children hid during the war while the men were on the battlefield.

Join our “Best of Carpathian Mountains” Guided Tour and visit this spectacular pass, which can make every holiday an unforgettable one.